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jacksonName:  Jackson

Age:  5 years old

Jackson is a handsome black greyhound with white toes and a white chest who just loves to play!  He is hilarious to watch with an empty bag that he'll throw up in the air and run around with or emptying all of his toys out of his basket or doing zoomies in his dog bed.  Jackson also likes to go for daily walks or accompany you to the outdoor coffee shop.  So if you're looking for a great companion who will make you laugh out loud give Jackson a chance!  You won't be sorry. 

Special needs:  Jackson needs to be in a home with no cats, small dogs or children.


Apollo FaceWelcome to Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption

Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption is a Tucson-based all-volunteer, 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to finding loving forever homes for retired racing greyhounds from Phoenix to New Mexico.  Since our incorporation in early 2012, nearly 200 greyhounds have found new forever homes.

Our greatest accomplishment is being able to rehabilitate injured greyhounds.  Since 2012, 53 dogs, many of whom suffered career ending illnesses or injuries, now enjoy life just like the hounds on your couch and in your heart.  These special needs dogs were helped by a special fund – Jackie’s Fund, which began when Jackie the original poster dog required costly veterinary expenses and recovery.

Taking and caring for these injured dogs has marked a significant expansion in our mission, and a significant commitment of resources.  Our veterinary expenses in 2014 totaled in excess of $100,000, with 19 injured dogs receiving treatment, surgery where needed and rehabilitation.  In 2015, in just the first six months, 24 sick or injured dogs have come into our care.  Our 2015 veterinary expenses will in all probability again exceed $100,000.

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Jackson is one cool greyhound ridding in the car. He gets that far away look and will even doze off. Jackson is in foster and ready for that forever home. Read his bio: ... See MoreSee Less

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Briarcrest Vet

Thank you for taking such good care of our hounds!

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Leaps for Lives 2015




Thinking about adopting a greyhound? You've come to the right place. Most of our available dogs come from the dog track in South Tucson. Although some retired race dogs are from Mexico. It's not important where they come from. What is important is where they go. Our job is to find these deserving dogs forever homes. The dogs on this page are either at our kennel or in foster homes. Before any dog can be adopted they have to be spayed or neutered and cat tested for living in homes with cats. Dogs spend a few weeks or more in a foster home learning the ropes of home living and interacting with family members.

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Every dog in foster care is closer to the goal of a loving forever home. Our objective is to help the dog become acquainted with family living. Your foster greyhound will experience many firsts -- to walk on tile or stairs, to watch TV, to be in a house, to be with other dog breeds, cats, and perhaps children. You will guide and correct behaviors as the foster parent.

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Who We Are

Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption is a dedicated group of veteran greyhound adopters and volunteers, who are committed to seeking the very best forever homes for greyhounds in our care. Located in the Tucson area, we cover most of Southern Arizona, and well into New Mexico as well. We are non-profit and totally volunteer run, so every dollar goes to the care and promotion of the dogs.

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