Hey now…what about me?

BACK IN BLACK – Adopt a black greyhound in April.
My name is Simon and I am still a baby…I have yet to celebrate my second birthday (it will be in
June).  As you can see, I too have a jet black coat with a white tuxedo chest, just like ol’ Gatsby, I am shiny, and I must say…gorgeous!  Unfortunately, I have had a rough start to my new life…I’ve been battling a severe respiratory infection, but I am now well on the road to
recovery.  I am happy and well adjusted, and love my life in
foster.  I love to run and play in the yard, but most of all I LOVE to
cuddle with my people.  I will be available soon – do you have a spot on
your lap for me?  
Plus I hear there are still a couple of days left of the Back in Black thingy…hurry and fill out an application now while you can get me at a reduced fee!

Back in Black – Savannah

BACK IN BLACK – Adopt a black greyhound in April.

Savannah has
been in foster for 6 months, and really needs a forever home.  She is a
petite female who loves people.  Savannah is very sweet and gentle, and
gets along great with a greyhound foster sister.  She can’t live with
small dogs or cats.  She loves to go for walks!

Savannah is the
ideal foster dog.  She signals to go outside, gets along well with the resident
hound, and seems content just to be with her foster people.  Savannah is a
confident hound and had no issues adjusting when her foster dropped her off
with another family for a few hours.  Savannah seems to enjoy having another dog
in the house, but could live as an only if she has social outlets like play
dates or joint walks.

She can be yours for a reduced adoption fee during April!

Back in Black – Archer

BACK IN BLACK – Adopt a black greyhound in April.
is Asher’s brother and is 6 years old.  Archer is loving his life as a pet.  He loves to snuggle with his foster family and gets along well with their male
greyhound.  He is a big, powerful boy who never stops wagging his tail.
He, like Asher, loves to run around the yard and play.  Archer
goes to the door and “squeaks” when he wants to go outside to potty.  He rides well in the car and doesn’t pull on the leash when walking. 
Archer is a very friendly, extroverted hound who could thrive in an active household.  His
foster parents describe him as the sweetest, most affectionate boy they’ve ever
met.  He loves to nap snuggled with his foster dad and also loves lying in the

He can be yours for a reduced adoption fee during April!


Whoa now…you haven’t forgotten about…

BACK IN BLACK – Adopt a black greyhound in April.

Jackson is a sweet 4 1/2 year old boy, who is still a little fearful of some people and situations.  He is in foster building his confidence and learning about life as a pet.  Once he is comfortable with his environment, Jackson is playful, happy and loves to get attention. 

Jackson would probably be happiest in a quiet home, without children or frequent visitors. Jackson needs a strong but gentle person to help him feel safe and understand what is expected of him as a pet.
He can be yours for a reduced adoption fee during April!

Back in Black – Cami

Cami has been waiting patiently, but is really,
really ready to settle down.  She celebrated her 5th birthday with us last
year.  She celebrated her 6th birthday with us this year.  She loves
her foster mom, but she really needs a forever home of her very
own.   See Cami in action in her Facebook
 video and then read more about this very special
girl here: 
If you or
someone you know – family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker – is looking for
a wonderful life companion, Cami might be the one.  While she is not good
with cats or with very small dogs, she has lived happily in homes with a laid
back male greyhound, an active 30 pound schnauzer, and a calm male lab.  
She is very outgoing and loves people, and
she loves to go for walks and trips to the park, especially with her canine

Better yet, fill out an adoption application here to begin the adoption process.  Adoption fees are reduced to $200 in
April for our beautiful black hounds!

TV Stars…Remember?

BACK IN BLACK – Adopt a black greyhound in April.

Hi, it’s Holly here with my sister Noel.  It doesn’t
really matter too much If I tell you which one I am because we’re identical.
 You may remember us from our recent TV appearance.
 This was us outside the studio waiting to go on camera, next to some very
pretty purple flowers.  Mom says that we were perfect!  We are both
ready for our forever homes.  Don’t forget the reduced adoption fee for us
this month!