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One of the unfortunate things is that our hounds do not live as long as us.  People who adopt Greyhounds are particularly cognizant of this fact, and despite that, continue to adopt.

This section is dedicated to the kind souls who have briefly visited our lives.  Regardless of how long we had with them, they touch us in a particular way, and they are always remembered.  Please read these memorials and remember our charges.  They come into our lives, they give us unconditional love, and they provide immense happiness and bliss.  It is our duty to remember.

Please email your memorial or tribute, along with an image to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be honored to keep the flame of remembrance burning for your beloved Greyhound.



daphneWe lost our 13 1/2 year old greyhound, Daphne, on March 22, 2014. She was a copper brindle with 4 white legs, a white tail and a white nose; she was a very dainty little girl. She was featured in many brochures for adoption groups.

She loved to run and really enjoyed the play days of years past. She loved to roll down the hill at the Humane Society yard with Mary Freeman. They were special friends!

We have have been without her for 6 weeks and we still look for her throughout our home in places she would be sleeping.

It is very difficult to lose a pet; but wonderful memories have a way of keeping them with you always. We know she has joined Annie and Remy on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

We loved her so much and we really miss her.

Joan and Charlie Herner


isabellaIt's with a heavy heart we're letting you know that our sweet Isabella has gone to the Rainbow Bridge today, she was 14 in October. She will be missed dearly as she was the sweetest greyhound we have owned. It was just a short seven years ago we brought her home from the kennel for a temporary weekend stay because it was going to be a very cold weekend, and we didn't want her to stay at the kennel. Well, she had only been in our house for 5 minutes when Mary commented that we should keep her, and I was in total agreement. During the time we had her, it was our pleasure to take her on numerous trips to Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, California, and throughout Arizona. She was an amazing traveler, always wanted to be the first one in the car, and hardly stirred during the entire drive. She was a perfect guest at the hotels we stayed at, never caused a single commotion. Mary and I were always telling her that she's stayed in more hotels than some people.

When we first adopted her, it was thought that she had an extremely high prey drive, but that wasn't the case. Since she had been a brood mama for two years, she loved all types and sizes of dogs and cats. She was always so excited to say hi to them and never growled. Likewise, all the neighborhood kids adored her and would always rush up to see her when we arrived at the park.

She was starting to have difficulties standing and walking, but still enjoyed her morning and evening trips to the park. This morning when I took her, something popped in her left rear leg and she could not get up or stand. While we had her at the vet's office, looking at the severity of the injury, we knew she would not be able to withstand the procedures and therapy, plus we did not want her to suffer any longer. So we elected to send her to the Rainbow Bridge.

As all of you know, this is an agonizing decision, there is tremendous grief, and the house is extremely quiet now. We are deeply saddened and miss her terribly. But we are comforted by all the wonderful memories we have of her, the knowledge that she is no longer in pain, and that she is running at the bridge with all of your wonderful animals.

God bless all,
Dan Ice and Mary Kennedy Ice




Merrill was my second greyhound. He started as a foster, but was so timid and neurotic, I decided to keep him, because I couldn’t imagine anyone else putting up with his peeing on the dishwasher and trash can in the kitchen or chewing the wood trim off a couch when he was upset. Eventually he stopped chewing and peeing, but it took about a year and a half. I didn’t care because I loved him.  Merrill had to be in the same room with me most times.  When other greyhounds came into the home, he was gentle and never threatened them. In fact, he was as far from Alpha as a dog could be. He was cat and small animal safe. Unlike my two females, he had no interest in rabbits on walks. He loved supper time and peanut butter.  When I had my laptop on my lap he would nudge my hand for me to pet him.  He barked at Dani and Princess if they were between him and an empty bed and would usually sleep close to a doorway facing out, even if it meant his butt was on the floor.

This morning (8/31/13) he lost control of his left side and couldn’t walk. He was clearly distressed and upset if I left the room. He apparently had some kind of brain issue, as the vet said he was also blind on the left side.  He was 12.  I will see you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, my sweet Merrill; have fun with Sammie and Nora.

Maeve Robertson


gordonGordon was our first greyhound.  From the day he came into our home, he was a perfect gentleman.  He was an equal opportunity lovebug- that was one of his greatest qualities- every member of our household truly believed that he 'loved them best' because no matter what, it always seemed that Gordon knew what you needed from him- a gentle snuggle, to be left alone, or a full on "silly antic with a stuffie".  Gordon taught many fosters "the ropes" of doggy doors, doggy beds and how to adjust to home living.  We miss our sweet 'Go-go' every day but know that he is chasing rabbits in an open field...

Cindy and Jeff Hall






BeautyBeloved Fur-Kid of Rev. Frigard

Holliston, MA







CindyCindy was found running loose in the desert in NW Tucson. She was a greyhound mix. When they were found they were named Naomi and Wynonna. There were thought to be mother and daughter until Dr. Lent said Cindy had never had puppies.  Of course, we foster failed. Cindy was 8 when she passed over the Bridge in 2008.

Carol and Terry Sampson






cocoWe were Coco’s 4th home but we loved her and here she stayed. She suffered from cancer. She had radiation treatments and she lived another 3 years. Coco was 8 when she went to the Bridge in 2005

Carol and Terry Sampson



SoleilWe adopted Soleil at an AGR reunion at Reid Park. She was another rebound. She was so very pretty and a bit aloof. She seemed to enjoy all the other greys she lived with. She had short life because of Valley Fever. She went to the Bridge in 2007 at the age of 8.

Carol and Terry Sampson





joyShe was the first greyhound we adopted and she came from GAL. She was a return from the Phoenix area. We lived in a split-level house and she could never walk down the open outside stairs but she mastered the inside steps. We learned a lot from her – like never put her in a closed room as she was bored and tore out 3 feet of carpeting. She indeed was a Joy.  She lived for 13 years and passed over the Bridge in 2004

Carol and Terry Sampson



Arthur webArthur was adopted at the NW Petsmart. He was so handsome but super shy and was afraid of men. It took a year for Arthur to approach Terry and this was only when Terry was sitting down. We loved him in spite of his quirks. Arthur was 12 years old when he went to the Bridge in 2009.

Carol and Terry Sampson



Baltimore webBaltimore was a foster fail. My daughter fell in love with Baltimore. He was named at the time all the Edgar Allen Poe greyhounds came in and we kept his name. He was a skinny boy and try as we did, we couldn’t put much weight on this boy. It was especially sad when Baltimore went to the Bridge one month before Arthur passed. Baltimore went to the Bridge at 9 years of age in 2009.

Carol and Terry Sampson



Jenny webJenny was our whirlwind. She raced into our lives and owned us from the moment she laid her eyes on us. She could spin so fast; all you could see was a black blur and hear the jingle of her tags. I swear she did this just to get Gordon riled up! Then she would stop and do it all again in the other direction -as if she needed to unwind!

And Jenny was smart! Like a surgeon, she could delicately pluck each piece of chicken out of a salad on the counter and be out the doggy door before you knew it. And somehow she managed to look innocent through it all. But most of all, she was sweet. Despite being a large, black dog, people were drawn to her. And she, of course, never judged people by what they looked like, their size, their age, or their abilities. She loved them all the same and fully expected they would love her, too.

She was gone to soon. I always thought she was too sassy to get sick. But she left on her terms. We will always love you, sweet girl!

Cindy and Jeff Hall 



sunny webWe had fostered so many dogs before - amazing, beautiful greyhounds. Surely, this wouldn't be our first foster fail -this huge boy with abcessed teeth, dislocated toes and bad hips. Your racing name was Sundowner, but you were no downer. You were just a sweet, simple boy. We called you "Sunny" or sometimes " Sunny- D". We thought we would foster you for a short time, but each day you became more and more a part of the out family until we couldn't imagine you living anywhere else but with us. You loved to walk, to eat, and to sit with your people. You didn't ask much of anyone. You were content with just a simple head rub and you give us so much in return. We truly miss you and your gentle soul!

Cindy and Jeff Hall



Molly IstlerDear Miss Molly,

Thank you for being such a special gift to our lives. We will always remember your unconditional love.

Gail Istler




Cheddar edited-2Cheddar was a very special person in my life. He was adopted into our household already bulging with 3 other dogs: a Salton Sea rescue (Toby) from a California truck stop, a Cudahula/Shepard mix (Sydney) and a Blue Healer (Ginger). Cheddar at 1 ½ came to us through Mary and Dan Ice. In a ritual ceremony the dogs voted Cheddar into the pack.

Ever a gentleman, he adjusted very well. All crate trained, they responded to the command “Nite” recardless of the time of day. Cheddar led the way. His leadership was by example. He was neither Alpha or Beta, just a personality designed to please all.

He is gone now after five years with us. He succumbed to a very rapid form of bone cancer and one day he just refused his daily walk and indicated with his trusting and loving eyes that it was home going time. And so he did. My last act of love toward him was to see him to his rest.

He watches over me daily from his perch on a library shelf in my den/office. He lives on in my precious Sunshine and Feather and others of his breeding. He taught me much about unconditional love, patience, calm, devotion and understanding. He entered my life once and for always and never to exit my fond memories. He romps and runs whole again the green grass beyond the Rainbow Bridge. And Waits!

Don Blascak 

Wes and Ginny

Wes GinnyWes and Ginny were my first greyhounds. They were half siblings, which was a surprise to me, but they seemed to know it immediately. When I went to the kennel to see who was there, I took the two of them out for a walk in the big field and they were super. I was so excited that they could come live with me that I danced around the office and everyone thought I was truly bonkers.

Ginny was a snuggle bunny and loved to be teased to play. They were both toy lovers, so there were often dashes throughout the house with a toy or looking for a toy. Squeakers didn’t last long. Wes was a huge dog and yet, I think he took commands from Ginny. Also a loving friend, Wes was a hunk of heartbeats. He loved to nuzzle and was a great bed buddy during North Carolina winters.

When it was time for Wes to go, it was fast. Ginny was injured when she was running around the house with Prince and Echo. A fall so severe there was no real chance of healing. 

This picture is the wallpaper I see each time my computer is on I can’t pet them, but I can smile at them. They are loved.

Julia Summers



GusArgus Jethro Glenn (Gus to his friends) came to live with me on October 31, 2003, the day before his third birthday. He immediately had two cat brothers, Heathcliffe and Sebastian (Bassie). Gus and Bassie became fast friends with Gus using Bassie as a pillow on many occasions. It took about two years before he and Heathcliffe decided they could live together but they finally became friends, too. When I talked to Gus, he always looked at me so intensely that I really felt he understood me. He loved to turn very tight circles on my bed and his foster mother, Diana Hansen, never understood how he could do that without hurting himself.

Gus2This is a celebration of Gus and all the things he brought to my life in the wonderful 8 years we shared. He brought some really great friends into my life like Diana Hansen and Mary Freeman; he provided me with unconditional love and just the joy of walking with him and taking him for ice cream, which he loved, or just sitting on the couch with his head in my lap. I miss him every day but am greytful that he was in my life. I love you Gus.

Susan Glenn







Lily 0747Lily was my second greyhound. I failed fostering in 1999.

I called her my brindle Bundt cake, my spitfire girl, my Drama Queen. She is famous for chewing stuff like shoes, lots of shoes, my favorite red purse, and a bag of tax receipts. She once ate a whole rotisserie chicken – bones and all. Lily loved hats and bling. She had more accessories than I did. She frequently blogged about life in the slow lane on her Drama Queen blog.

Lilly died August 6, 2010. She was 12 years, 9 months old. We spent 10 years and 6 months together. She was the boss, applesauce.

Karyn Zoldan










painterPainter was my first greyhound. He was my heart boy, my gentle giant, and my ambassa-dog. He loved birthday parties and opening presents.

He made me fall in love with the breed and made me fight to end its cruelty. That was 1998 – I’m still in love with the breed and I’m still fighting to end its cruelty.

Painter graced my life for 8 wonderful years. He died December 10, 2006 at 12 ½.

Karyn Zoldan








BuddyBuddy was a once in a lifetime gift to us. He was confident, sweet, smart, loving and funny. There was never a treat he passed up or attention he didn’t love. In his eight years of life, he had three careers – winning racer, attentive service dog, and beloved companion. He loved his cat, Barney. Three years was just too short to spend with this gentle soul, but he blessed and enriched our lives beyond measure. We miss him terribly to this day. With heavy hearts on July 1, 2010, we released Buddy to pass over the Rainbow Bridge.

Diana Hansen and Mary Freeman






Dom  n grassDomino got our attention at a kennel turnout when she roooed at us. This beautiful girl came into our lives at age 4 and changed our lives forever. She was our first greyhound and she taught us a lot about the greyhound breed.  To our delight the once somewhat aloof dog slowly began to bond and we watched over the months and then years, the changes Dom made as she felt secure in her forever home.  The backyard was her personal racetrack, roos signaled her desire to go “bye-bye”, She expected walks morning and evening and won the argument of being on the bed. Love and memories will remain along with the promise of a Rainbow Bridge where we will meet again.

Diana Hansen and Mary Freeman


molly heathMolly was a very special girl, an Alpha dog. But, she loved all the hounds. Shad an attraction for Jon Clark and every time she saw him she would go crazy over him. He was her very special friend. Molly didn’t play with toys very much. She always wanted to be loved and barked when someone can to the door. She loved to roo. Molly loved meet and greet tabling. The thought of her still brings back those precious memories that we loved so much. Molly crossed Rainbow Bridge on January 20, 2012. We miss you Molly.

Peggy and Chuck Heath




TobyToby came to us on June of 2003 and was a very shy boy. He loved to play with a few special toys. He would run around the yard with them in his mouth as if to say, “Come play with me.” He wore a super cape as he had thunder phobia and it worked well. Toby loved all of our foster dogs and contributed much to their training. Toby crossed over Rainbow Bridge on April 26, 2008. We miss you Toby.

Peggy and Chuck Heath


JacobJacob was a very shy boy and his favorite hiding place was the bathroom. Jacob always barked when it was time for his treat. Jacob loved to walk. Towards the end he seemed to show more energy and would run around the yard. Jacob was 10 when he crossed Rainbow Bridge on January 26, 2011. We miss you Jacob.  

Peggy and Chuck Heath




Sunshine-2012I am saddened to report the passing of my beloved and gentle Sunrise. She passed over the Rainbow Bridge on December 27, 2012. Stoic to the very end she fell into a peaceful sleep that preceded her passing. I loved her spunk, courage and sweet loving ways. She taught me a lot and helped me a lot. She served well as house mother to Feather and Lionell. We will miss her terribly. 

For those of you who she let into her life, if even for a moment, feel blessed! Sunshine had never met a stranger and greeted all with her perpetual smile.  As you all look at your wonderful hounds today give each a special hug from Sunshine who for certain will remain  a champion of the breed in many hearts. 

Don Blascak


RemyYesterday, Jan. 11, I picked up the cremains of our precious Remy. She passed away on the 3rd after a brief but nasty illness. She was a gorgeous greyhound, the only sable brindle greyhound I have ever seen in my 14 years working with the rescue groups. She was soon to be 12 years old and her ears and muzzle had become an attractive gray.

She entered our home afraid of most things that were different or noisy; but mostly she was afraid of men. It took months of coaxing before she would warm up to my husband. When she left us, I think the only fear that remained was of thunder; she shook for hours during our storms.

Remy loved her squeaker toys and was seldom without one in her mouth. She usually took one outside with her and brought it back in. If she forgot, a gentle reminder was all that she needed, and she would go back to get it!

She was as special as any dog could be, and we miss her terribly already. Our house is not the same without her in it.

Joan Herner (Remy’s mom)

Oliver, 2002 - 2010

Oliver came into our lives in January 2004.  We had lost our Mastiff the previous summer, and Shamus, our half Mastiff, half Hungarian Greyhound was lonely.  We first met Oliver at a PetSmart meet and greet. He was new, not in foster, and nervous and scared.  I bonded with him immediately.

OliverHe was a very nervous arrival, afraid of his own shadow.  He never ran a race, and it is not hard to figure out why. He would freeze when people walked near him, or when he saw a bicycle.  Or when he saw a car. That said, he did warm up, and become very friendly.  Spending time at the Dog Park was very helpful.  You can see him in the videos that Barbara made, "When Daddy Comes Home" and "I'm so Ronery".  

He was a constant companion, and really a well behaved boy.  He loved his squeeky toys, his big biscuits, and his brother Shamus.  Oliver was inconsolable when we lost his 'brother' - Shamus in 2008.  

In summer 2010, he pulled up lame after a sprint at the dog park. At first I assumed it was just a torn ligament.  But when it failed to improve, we took him to the Vet. It turned out that he was afflicted with Osteo-Sarcoma in his right shoulder. We did what we could for him, but the end came entirely too quickly.  Shortly after his 8th birthday, we had to euthanize Oliver.  

To this day, we look back and remember fondly our (too brief) time with Oliver. For something to hurt this much, there had to have been an enormous amount of love. Not a day goes by that we don't miss Oliver.

- Geoff & Barbara


Just a few weeks shy of his official 14th birthday, Rocket has joined his fur brother Frankie at the Rainbow Bridge. I Rocketknow Frankie greeted him with open arms and they are running around a couch chasing each other like they used to do. 

Rocket was our first hound and our first dog as an adult. He gave Dan and I something to be responsible for. We loved him instantly. He taught Dan how to love dogs as much as I do. Rocket was funny, feisty and fiercely loyal.

He loved Dan. He always greeted Dan with a wagging tail and a little romp at the end of the day. As he aged, he waited for Dan on the edge of the carpet where it met the tile in the entry way.

Rocket was a great counter surfer and didn't give that up even in old age. He was our vacuum for whatever the kids left behind under the table after a meal. It was almost like a game to him. 

Rocket loved the couch. It was his. Always was from the instant he came to us. Rocket will be missed. Our house is quiet today.

- Kim  and Dan De Araujo

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