Born: 2/15/16
Housed where:
Lazy Grey
Small Dogs?: No

About me:  I'm FREE!!!!!!  When I joined the SA GREYS family on April 1st, I had four broken toes that were all catymapus.  It was hard to walk with my tootsie all facing different direction, so I had surgery to fix them.  They all point to the front now!

During my rehab, I was required to rest quickly in my crate almost all the time.  When I went outside to potty, I had to be on a leashy thing. Not any more!!  Dr. Nausely says I'm medically cleared and free to run and play.

I just turned a year old in February, so I have LOTS of puppy energy to expend.  I would love to find a foster or foster home with another playful doggie.  I can't wait to be a pet dog!!!!  I'll pack my toys now.  Come get me!


More Info and Foster Update: ZeeZee is doing well in foster.  She is still shy, so she likes to lie quietly on a dog bed in the living room and watch what's going on around her.  I do occasionally find her chasing around the house with the other greyhounds.

ZeeZee hasn't had any accidents in the house and hasn't engaged in any chewing puppy behaviors (yet.)  She gets excited to walk in the morning and walks well on a leash.  ZeeZee still has a significant limp and probably always will.

ZeeZee gets along with other greyhounds, but doesn't interact much yet.  She sleeps through the night on a dog bed in our bedroom.

Because ZeeZee lacks confidence, she would be happiest living with other dog buddy.  She would also fit best into a quiet home.

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