Windy (Whirlwind)

Born: 8/13/10
Dark Brindle
Housed where:
Small Dogs?: Unknown

About me:  Oh, my gosh.  Someone wrote a song about me!  It goes like this:

Who's prancing down the streets of the city, Smilin' at everybody she sees.
Who's reachin' out to capture a moment. Everyone knows it's Windy.  

And Windy has stormy eyes, That flash at the sound of lies.  And Windy has wings to fly, Above the clouds (above the clouds), Above the clouds (above the clouds)*

In addition to being someone muse, I've been a career girl and a mother.  I ran 67 races, then raced around after little devil dogs.  I am SO ready to live a life of leisure!  I can picture myself prancing down the street with my forever person. Maybe we'll  sit at a sidewalk cafe where I can drink a puppachino or shop for a new toy.  Heaven.

 If you'd like a breezy, easy cover dog in your life, have your people call my people.


*DISCLAIMER:  I don't think I can fly.  I'm going to try next time I get to go to Bark in the Park playgroup.

More Info and Foster Update:  Windy is very sweet and gentle, and loves people.

She seems to learn quickly and be very adaptable - she is not timid or afraid of much, not overly energetic. She won't jump on anything so I have to lift her in and out of the car, but otherwise she's great during travel. She is housebroken but doesn't have a strong alert so you have to keep an eye on her.  Has not chewed on ANYTHING, including toys/bones, and is not very mischievous but will steal things if she gets lonely (dishtowels, socks, sandals - this has only happened when uncrated while I'm gone or asleep).  She is friendly when meeting other dogs.
She likes hiking, napping, and cuddling. She is "early to bed, early to rise." Very affectionate and a great companion, confident but cooperative, very attached to her stuffed monkey. She has been fine crated while I'm in class but loves to hang out.  She's perfectly well-behaved while I study so long as I take a break ever so often to sit on the couch with her. Overall Windy is a really, really sweet and happy dog - all she wants is a person to love.

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