Born: 4/4/10
Housed where:
Small Dogs?: Unknown
 Coming Soon

About me:  I'm Wednesday.  I wonder if I'm named after the girl on the Addams Family.  We kind of look alike.  We're super cute and have black hair.  I think my nose might be slightly larger than hers.  

I'm hoping I find a forever family like hers.  They all seem really nice, even if they're a little off beat.  I'm totally okay with that.  If I find a kooky forever person, maybe we can dress up as the Addams Family for Halloween!  All I would need is braids and a doll without a head.  Oh my gosh, that would be SO much fun.

I ran 110 races, then spent a few years raising fast puppies, doing things just for fun sound great.  I'm also looking forward to just hanging out around the house, napping and enjoying the day.

If you enjoy dark greyhound and dark humor, you should adopt me!   


P.S.  If you have a Thing, I'm totally going to chase him.

More Info and Foster Update:  This is one big, happy girl who loves people and exploring.  She listen really well, is very friendly, loves her treats, hasn't had any accidents in her crate, doesn't chew anything up and is comfortable with everything.

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