Born: 8/24/08
Housed where:
Lazy Grey
Small Dogs?: Unknown

About me:  We had a meeting last night and the other doggies voted unanimously that I should get the next foster and forever homes.  I ran 123 races, then raised greyhound babies.  I'm going to be nine years old next month!

Everyone says I'm really pretty and Ms. Wanda, who takes care of me, says I've VERY lovable, happy, easy and sweet.  

I am happy by nature and my tail seems to wag all the time.  I really like when the peoples rub my back.  I can't rub back, so I give them kisses in return.  

You should hop in your car right now and come get me.  I promise to make you smile every day.

More Info and Foster Update: 

Steffi has not been tested but is most likely not cat tolerant.  She passed her initial small dog test, but has since gone after a small dog she encountered in the neighborhood.  She likes having another grey in the house, but may be ok if she is given a lot of attention from her people as an only dog.  She hasn't had a problem with children coming up to her at meet and greets but she hasn't lived with any.
Steffi loves toys and seems very confident.  She is not at all shy.  She does not get scared from loud noises or storms.  She is house trained and does not have a dog door.  She hasn't had any accidents.  She has been left at home for about 3 hours both crated and uncrated and has done well. 
She has gotten out of her baby gate barrier while the parents were out and chewed on some books.  The fosters have blocked off the bookcase now and all seems well.  She enters the crate ok with treats.  She barks occasionally when she wants something, but is learning patience.  She rides in the car well.  She eats very well. 
She walks well on the leash, but doesn't really enjoy walking too much.  She is learning her name, but ignores other commands at this point.  She is pretty quiet overall but can entertain herself for a long time with toys, she is energetic around 6am. 
She should be in a home with people that are gentle, loving, playful and inquisitive.  The inquisitiveness is what is needed to stay on top of her.  She still likes to surf counters and tabletops for food and has been victorious a couple times.  She is a very happy dog and would make a wonderful companion.

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