Born: 9/17/15
Housed where:
Small Dogs?: Unknown

Special Needs:  Mild heart murmur (tricuspid valve displasia).  No impact on her health/activity and no treatment required at this time.  However, it could progress into heart disease and congential heart failure in the future, which would require specialized veterinary care, and would impact her activity and lifespan.

About me:  My mom says I'm super cute, so I had to take a look.

I had a crazy week. Smolder and I went to Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center on Wednesday for non-puppies surgery. During my well doggie check-up, Dr. Nausley discovered my heart was murmuring. I'd never heard it say anything out loud.

Anyway, he had to take special pictures of my heart and run tests. After consulting with the doggie heart specialist, he decided it was safe for me to have surgery.  

The murmur is mild, so I don't need medications. We'll have to monitor it to make sure it doesn't progress into something worse.

My foster mommy says she may keep me forever if I get along with my greyhound sister Pebbles and the kitties. I'm a good girl, so that shouldn't be a problem.

I'm Pretty Sure My Heart is Working Fine Because I Love Everything and Everyone,


More Info and Foster Update: 

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