Born: 4/20/15
Housed where:
Small Dogs?: Unknown

About me: 

Happy Sunday Funday, Everyone!

I spent a relaxing week at the Lazy Grey resort, waiting my turn to be tutored by Dr. Nausley. I don't mind hanging out for awhile. I'm very calm for a young greyhound.  I'll be two years old on April 20. I hope to be in my forever home by then, eating cake and opening squeaky toy presents.

I LOVE my new name so I hope I get to keep it!  First, I think Smolder is super cute and she almost has to go out with me because our names match.  Second, Frankenweenie is my favorite movie. I'm honored to named Sparky!

Don't Worry, My Tail Doesn't Fall Off When I Wag It,


 More Info and Foster Update:  Sparky is in a house full of dogs!  He does great with all of the other greys (including 2 blind greys) and a Great Dane and 2 Cocker Spaniels.  Sparky is small dog tolerant, but we are still unsure of cats at this point.  He is a little shy but warms up quickly to new people.  He doesn't scare easily and has adjusted to the noises of living in a house.  Sometimes when Sparky is laying down the blind greys may walk into him, but Sparky just growls a little to let them know he's there, never a snap, just a warning.

Sparky is completely house trained with a doggie door.  No marking or accidents.  He has been left alone for up to 9 hours with the doggie door and other dogs.  His foster thinks he would do best in a home with other dogs.  Sparky does not like being in a crate, so he would need a home that he can roam free day and night.  He needs to sleep in the room with his owner, not in a crate. 

Sparky has no eating issues.  He walks on a leash well and rides in the car well.  He pulls on the leash only if he sees a rabbit. 

Sparky is a bit of counter surfer, paper, food, whatever he finds.  He just turned two, so has some puppy-like tendencies.  He has attempted to chew on furniture, but with a firm no, he stops.  Keep your cell phone, glasses or remote controls hidden until he learns all the rules. 

Sparky would prefer another dog sibling, probably on the young side.  He likes kids, walks, frozen marrow bones, nubs and bully sticks.  He wouldn't want to be crated or left for long periods of time.  He could live with someone that works full time, as long as there is a doggie door and other dogs.

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