Born: 12/13/15
Housed where:
Lazy Grey
Small Dogs?: Yes
Status: Pending Adoption

About me:  My name is Scamper.  It always was.  I was never a race doggie.  I just lived on the farm with my greyhound brothers and sisters, and played a lot.

My sisters and brother - Smudge, Fudge and Dash - all moved to Tucson with me so we could continue puppy play group.  Little miss stripes, aka Smudge, already moved to a foster home.  The rest of us are still at Lazy Grey waiting for our chance to be pet dogs.

As you might expect, I like to scamper around, play with other dogs and give peoples kisses.  I would like to live an active lifestyle and go on adventures, at least when it isn't 397 degrees outside.

You should scamper to Lazy Grey this weekend and take me home with you!


More Info and Foster Update:  Scamper fit seamlessly into our home. She gets along well with our male and female greyhounds.

Scamper loves toys. She is a typical greyhound, alternating long naps with bouts of play.

Scamper learned the doggie door within a couple hours of arriving and has had no accidents in the house. She's tiny, cute and lovable.

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