Born: 7/25/10
Housed where:
Cats?: No
Small Dogs?: No

About me:  I love reading doggie FB posts and watching YouTube videos.  When I found out I was joining the SA GREYS family, I went straight to my laptop to check you out.

I LOVED DeeDee’s posts.  She looks a lot like me, so she’s super cute.  I also loved her “Bobbing for Hotdogs” video.  At first I was surprised she won the hot dog contest…she’s such a little dog.  Then I realized the contest wasn’t the number of hotdogs eaten, but the ability to get the hot dogs out of the water.

I practiced like crazy so I’d be prepared when I arrived in Arizona.  It’s possible I have a tiny competitive streak.  I ran 97 races before raising awesome puppies.

Fast forward to last weekend…we weren’t allowed to bring snacks or drinks on the hauler, so I was REALLY hungry when I arrived at Lazy Grey.  I immediately spied the big buckets of water on the patio.  HOTDOGS AHOY!!

When it was my turn, I practically ran up to that spa day station.  Then the people took one of the buckets and dumped the water all over me!  Now I’m no hotdog bobbing expert, but I don’t think that’s how you do it.

There were a couple buckets of water left, so I figured the hotdogs were in one of them.  I looked and looked for those delicious morsels.  Nada.  Just water.

I’ve decided either DeeDee was pranking us in her video or Liesel ate all the hotdogs.  Not to be unkind, but it looks like she hasn’t missed many meals.

Either way, I wasn’t able to prove my bobbing prowess or fill my grumbling belly.  Fortunately, the last spa day station was having dinner in my new apartment at Lazy Grey.

I’ve messaged DeeDee to challenge her to a bobbing contest…we’ll see if she responds.

Future Bobbing Champ,


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