Born: 9/1/14
Housed where:
Lazy Grey
Small Dogs?: No

About me:  I think they named me after Nadia Comaneci, the gymnast.  My SA GREYS aunties say I score a perfect 10.0 too!   I'm outgoing and affectionate.  I love everyone and everyone seems to love me.  

I like to explore the house and yard, discovering new things.  My tail is in a constant state of wagginess, because I can't contain all of the joy inside me.  

It's hard to wait for my foster and forever people to come along, so I think I'm going to take up some new hobbies.  I'm going to try gymnastics first, for obvious reasons.  I'm begin with something easy like walking on the balance beam or maybe choreographing an interpretive ribbon dance.  Maybe I'll post of video!

Hope to see you soon.  Just so you know, we are all on strike.  None of the greyhoundies are leaving the boarding facility before Steffi.  She deserves to go first!



More Info and Foster Update: 

Nadia is not a cat or small dog tolerant hound.  She needs to have siblings living with her, she wouldn't do well alone.  She doesn't like too much hugging and petting, but is ok with loud noises.  She occasionally throws a toy around and does the zoomies, but then she falls asleep. 
She is good with other large dogs.  She definitely has a high prey drive.  She has only been around adults, so it's unknown how she is around teenagers, children or babies.  She does not crave attention from people but is not scared of either men or women.  She has never shown any signs of aggression, growling, snarling, etc.
She is house trained using a dog door.  She has never had an accident.  She is left alone with 3 other greyhounds for some period of time everyday.  She is not crated at all.  She doesn't bark, but sometimes quietly roos.  She had "burned pads" but has seem to recovered from that and walks around in the dirt and rocks now. 
She is great on leash, and pulls some if she sees a bunny.  She is working on learning her name.  She adjusted quickly to living in a home and use the dog door.  She likes to steal her peoples shoes.  She does chew, so rawhide chews all the time are a good thing for her.  She has a very cute overbite and can't close her mouth completely, so she drools a bit after drinking water.  Nadia would be best in a home with other medium-large sized dogs and would be fine if her people work all day, as long as she has a buddy.


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