Born: 11/26/10
Housed where:
Small Dogs?: Unknown
 Coming Soon

About me:  Aloha!  I'm an easy going, six-year-old girl greyhound.  Ms. Wanda says I'm a sweetheart.  I ran 106 races, before settling down to raise a family.  I loved my puppies, but I'm ready now to let someone dote on me.  

I decided Hawaii would be a great place to retire, so I hopped on the transport from Kansas that was heading west.  When we got to Tucson and all the other doggies jumped off, I asked the driver to keep going because I was headed for Kauai.

He laughed and said I didn't know how to swim.  I have no idea what that has to do with anything.  Long story short, he made me get off the hauler with the rest of the hounds.

Fortunately, the resort here is lovely.  The peoples are nice and the other greyhound guests are a lot of fun.  Also, there's plenty of sand in the yard so I can pretend I'm on the beach.  Ms. Wanda promised to set out the kiddie pool soon so I could dunk my toes in my very own, greyhound-size ocean.

If you'd like to hang around with a "go with the flow," quiet, friendly companion, I'll reserve a beach chair for you.


More Info and Foster Update:  This is a sweetheart. She is quiet, easy going, loves to explore, is always happy, doesn't chew anything up. She will make a nice companion for someone. She listens really well, is confident, goes with the flow and loves her treats.

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