Born: 6/17/15
Housed where:
Small Dogs?: Unknown
 Coming Soon

About me:  I'm Daffy, but not the duck.  I'm a greyhound.  I can't say I'm a racing greyhound because I never raced, but I do have the tattoos to prove I'm really a greyhound.

Like Daffy Duck, I'm shiny and black for the most part.  I do have a white on my chest, my toes and the tip of my tail.  One of my aunties said I have a paint brush tail.  I can't wait to paint!!  I made it to foster yesterday, so maybe that's a planned activity for next week!

I'm also super fun to be around and kinda goofy.  (Not Goofy the dog, goofy silly.)  I'm going to be two years old in June, so I love to play and run.  

If you're looking for a more sophisticated companion, you can call me Daphne.  I love to be brushed, so maybe we could plan a girls spa day.  I also enjoy relaxing with my people, napping and cuddling while they read or watch TV.  

I'll be happy just being beside you, as long as I get my twice-a-day greyhound zoomies and play time.  🙂  I can't wait to meet you! 

Daffy Daphne


More Info and Foster Update: Daphne is a joy.  She is very playful and just learning about toys.  Daphne is living with 2 male greyhounds and 4 cats.  She gets along fine with everyone.   She signals when she wants to go out or come in.

She is fun girl with a bouncy personality.  She is also Velcro and happiest when she is in the same room with her person.

Daphne has the cutest curly tail ever.  

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