Born: 3/13/16
Housed where:
Lazy Grey
Small Dogs?: No
Pending Adoption

About me:  I crashed the haul!!  It was kind of funny because Auntie Taryn kept counting hounds, trying to figure out why there were 19 needle noses instead of 18.

I had heard the other dogs talking about taking a party bus to Arizona, but I didn't play much attention.  I had work to do!  I was going to be a super famous, lightning fast racing greyhound.  All the girl greyhounds were going to adore me.

Well, I had a little mishap that left me hopping around on three legs, so my prospects have changed...just for the racing part, not the girl greyhounds.  The girl greyhounds are still going to adore me.  Really.  I'm super hard to resist.

Anyway, at the last minute, I hopped onto the party bus and here I am in Arizona!  Everyone was pretty mellow on the road, just napping and chatting.  Apparently, a girl greyhound here in Tucson named ChaCha has wild parties.  I totally need to weasel my way onto her invite list.  I just turned one in March, so I've got lots of energy to burn!

If you'd like to add a young, striped, super friendly, boy dog to your family and are okay with me attending dog parties, I'm in!  I'm sure my leg will heal quickly and I'll be running around on four legs in no time.


P.S. Oh, by the way, the rumors are NOT true.  I was not up on a roof attempting to jump into a swimming pool to impress a girl.  I don't even know what a swimming pool is!

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