Born: 9/22/15
Housed where:
Small Dogs?: Yes

About me:  Did you see that I won Greyhound Ninja Warrior?!

I love challenges, and I wanted to stand out among the greyhounds, many of whom look a lot like me.  Hula, Sprout and I were hanging out with Ms. Ginny when it hit me.  I could master Mount Midorihottub my very first day to show everyone how special I am!

I made it to the top and the crowd went wild.  I don’t know why they made me get down right away.  I was enjoying the moment.

Anyway, it was fun and now I’m famous.  If you adopt me, I promise to lick your friends because I can’t shake hands.

Greyhound Ninja Warrior 2017,


P.S.  I also have ridiculously cute bat ears and a talent for singing.

More Info and Foster Update:  I renamed her Harper Rose.  Cooper just didn't fit.  Harper loves everyone, including kids.  She is living with other greys (including 2 blind greys), a Great Dane and 2 Cocker Spaniels.  She gets along great with all of them.

Harper is completely house trained with a doggie door.  She has been left alone for up to 9 hours with other dogs and a doggie door.  Harper does not like being crated, she needs to be in a home where she can roam free.  I think she likes to sleep on my bed while I'm gone.

Cooper rides in the car well and eats well.  If something frightens her she will stop eating and walk away.  She loves walking and does not pull on the leash.  She walks with several other dogs.   She likes to run around outside but is pretty quiet in the house.

Her foster mom thinks that she would be best with another dog.  She loves to lay her head in your lap and be petted.  She likes frozen marrow bones, nubz, bully sticks.  She prefers softer treats, like dog jerky, and she needs to sleep on a dog bed in the room with her people.

Harper is a sweet girl and will be a great addition to a family that includes another dog.

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