Born: 3/30/15
Housed where:
Small Dogs?: Okay, Restest

About me:  I celebrated my second birthday in Kansas on March 30. At the party, I was talking to my brother Boris and sister Jelly Bean. We really missed our mommy, Masha, who moved to Arizona.

We were all ready to start our lives as pet greyhounds so we decided to hop on the next bus to Arizona. That's what we did on April 1. We all checked into rooms at the resort and have spent the last week getting settled.
It's time now to focus on finding foster and forever families. I'm a bit of an introvert, so I'd prefer to live with another doggie. Because I'm so young, I'm hoping my forever person will take me on walks every day and maybe to playdates on the weekend.
We'll have so much fun together! I'm going to start packing my bags now.

More Info and Foster Update:  Coconut is a sweet, lovable boy.  He has adjusted well to life as a pet, after recovering from his fear of cats.  
Coconut likes people of all ages, although he can be shy, especially if he is the only dog in the area.  Coconut lives with two male greyhounds and four cats.  He gets along with all of them.  We don't think he would be comfortable in a home without other dogs.  
Coconut is very gentle, even in play.  He loves to amuse himself by squeaking toys, or throwing them in the air, then catching the.
Coconut isn't crated, but has free run of the house, even during our absences.  He didn't object to being crated when he was new to our home.  Coconut is house trained, with no accidents or marking.  He will whine when he wants to go outside.  He walks well on a leash and only shows a mild interest in wildlife.  He also rides well in the car.  
Coconut is so cute and often "smiles."  He will fit in well in a home where he has love, squeaky toys, a fluffy bed and a doggie sibling.

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