Brussel Sprout

Born: 6/15/15
Housed where:
Lazy Grey
Small Dogs?: No
 Coming Soon

About me:  My sister Peepers and I are last in line for no-puppies surgery!  

We were so sad when we found out, Ms. Wanda said we could go to ChaCha's party. It's a good thing I was there to hold up Sprout! Don't get the wrong impression. We're really nice girls.  

We're both still looking for foster and forever homes and we promise not to have too many parties. We going to be two years old in June, so we still like to hit the doggie dance floor and squeak a few toys. I can't promise we won't run around the house like crazy dogs…for about 5 minutes a day. We are greyhounds after all.

We both love exploring new things and figuring out what the peoples are up to. We can't WAIT for our first pet adventure.

If you'd like your very own disco doggie, we'll be ready to go home with you tomorrow. We need to nap today.

Nighty Night,

Spout (and Peepers)

P.S. Why do I  have glitter in her fur?

More Info and Foster Update:  Sprout is a little doll.  She gets so excited and can't control her enthusiasm.  She is happy, playful, loves people, is really goofy, has lots to say and loves to run the yard. 

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