Born: 6/6/11
Housed where:
Small Dogs?: No.

About me:  When I found out it was my turn to write a bio, I was super excited. I have a particularly attractive tongue, so I'm perfect for the Tuesday slot.

I'm actually happy every day, not just Tuesdays. I ran 110 races before I retired and moved to Arizona. I love running around the yard and playing. I also love all of the other doggies and the peoples who visit.

Oh, and I love food!! I wonder if I could get a job as a doggie food critic. My forever person could take me out to all the dog friendly restaurants and I could write blogs about the doggie menu selections, the quality of the food and the petting skills of the wait staff. I would be SO good at that!

If you're a foodie and would like a sidekick, my extremely attractive tongue, gourmet taste buds and I are ready to roll!


More Info and Foster Update: Ailish is doing well.  She is confident and affectionate, but not needy. Ailish is most oriented toward people, and loves greeting visitors.  She gets along fine with the other female greyhound in the home, but doesn't interact with her often.  

Ailish walks well on a leash after her initial excitement. When we're out and about, Ailish doesn't like when other dogs get into her face.  Otherwise, she notices the other dogs and animals, but doesn't react.  A half-hour walk is plenty for her, then she's ready to go home.  

Ailish has been left alone with another hound for five hours with no issues.  I have crated her on occasion.  She is reluctant to go into the crate, but is fine once she's in there.   Ailish isn't afraid of noises and had no reaction to recent thunderstorms.

She's a great companion and could fit into a home with other medium-to-large, well behaved dogs or could likely be happy as an only dog with someone who is home most of the time.


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