From the email newsletter of Saturday, February 25th.
Donations are Welcome!

Now that SA Greys is up and running, we are incurring expenses. As we announced: we have incorporated, communication is up and running, we have taken in our first greyhounds, paid vet bills, purchased dog tags, microchips and the first round of meds for our new dogs, prepared for the Arizona Animal Fair, are in process of signing the kennel contract, and are printing brochures, business cards and training materials.
All this takes money, and so far, the interim steering committee has underwritten these costs on behalf of our organization. Now, we are ready to turn to you, our volunteers and donors, for the next steps.  We have our first insurance premiums to pay, our first kennel rent to pay, and more dogs to take in and start on their roads to their forever homes.
For those of you who were able to attend our last all volunteers meeting at Udall Park, we asked for your pledges of support, and you overwhelmed us with your offers.  Now that we are official, you may make out your checks, payable to Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption, and mail them to our address:

Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption
1517 North Wilmot Road
Box 175
Tucson, AZ 85712

For those of you who were unable to attend the Udall meeting, or did not get a chance to make a pledge, we hope you will also consider mailing a check. Anne Marie, our interim Treasurer, is ready, willing and very eager to deposit those checks and put them to work for you and for our greys.


SA Greys is not yet a 501c3 organization (the application process has begun). These initial donations are not yet tax deductible. Anne Marie did announce at the Udall meeting that IRS regulations governing non-profits provide for retroactive granting of non-profit status if the 501c3 application is approved by the IRS within 15 months of the organization’s incorporation. We fully intend to have that approval, and expect that it will be retroactive to February 17, 2012, the date our Incorporation was approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

When you make your donations, please be sure to keep copies of your checks for your records, so that you may take advantage of our non-profit status in your tax planning and preparation for 2012. You will also receive a written acknowledgement of your donations from SA Greys, which should also be retained for tax purposes.

Thank you so very much for your support.


We are having a hard time keeping up with all the new things being accomplished for this group. Just finished – a youtube channel established with the first video posted! It’s under SAGreys. Follow the link to head on over, watch the first of many videos, and subscribe. Well done Communications Team!


Welcome all you SA Greys folks passionate about greyhounds, but new to the blogging world. Thanks for stopping by. As you know from the SA Greys message today, and as proven by the fact you are reading this, the blog is live! We plan to keep everyone up to date on the SA Greys going-ons, entertain with stories and photos, and, most importantly, showcase our greyhounds; both those that are available and those that have been adopted. Be sure to stop by often, because we will be posting new information frequently.
There is a couple of ways to follow the blog and participate. You can follow by clicking on the blue “Join this site” button over on the right side of the page. You will need to have a google account set up to do so. This is quite easy to do and you will be directed to the site when you click on the follow button.
You can also follow by email. Simply enter your email address in the box below the “Follow By Email” text, also on the right side of the page. An email version of the post will be sent directly to your inbox whenever there is something new.
Please participate in the blog by making comments. Don’t be shy, click on the “comments” button below each post, write what you want to say, (keep it clean please), and hit publish. You will be asked to enter a profile. If you’ve set up your google account so you could follow, choose google from the down drop menu. It’s that easy.   

You can also share any of the posts by email, facebook, and twitter. Just click on the links (M, B, T, F, +1) at the bottom of the posts. Then follow the simple instructions provided.

We are asking for submissions for posts. Please email soazgreys @ when you would like to participate.
We hope you enjoy the site. Please stay awhile, check it out, and get involved!
Breeze says “welcome!”



Gabrielle (Gabi) is cute 4 year old female, recently retired from racing. She has the honor of being the first dog in our newly formed rescue group! She is not cat tolerant and her status with small dogs is unknown at this time. She is now in foster.


Gabi is sweet, affectionate and social. She likes to sit on a doggie bed with the resident greyhounds. She has had no accidents in the house and, in fact, had the doggie door down in the first hour she was here.

Gabi is very curious, but not destructive.  Of course, we are doggie proofed well at this house. I crated her twice, for about 1-l/2 hours each time, but I no longer crate her.  After just over a week, she had the rhythm and routine of the house down.

Her ears will shoot up on our two mile walks in the mornings when she spots a Jack Rabbit, but she doesn¹t seem to have much of a prey drive. The dogs we meet on our walks she has greeted with a wagging tail, although we’ve not seen any small dogs. She has a healthy appetite, good stools, and loves her marrow bones, so whomever adopts her better be armed with bi-weekly marrow bones!


Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption Unveils Our Logo

We hope you will like the look of our new logo!

Our Communications Team continues to outdo itself, with one major accomplishment after another. Mark M. in particular has worked his magic with this image.

We think it perfectly represents our greyhounds – the logo reflects their graceful presence, their serenity (most of the time!), and their beauty as they enrich our lives.

About Our Name

We are all very happy with our official name: Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption describes us well and distinguishes the mission to which we are committed. We have been wrestling, though, with the “shorthand” of SAGA.

We would like you to think outside the box… think SA Greys. We think this works on several levels. It is more descriptive, SA representing Southern Arizona, and Greys of course representing the dogs we serve, and treasure, and love so much. It reflects more than a collection of letters, more than an acronym, it leads us into our story.

Try it – we think you will like it.

Thank you so much for your support, and for all you do for our greyhounds!


We are delighted to announce to you that  Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption has greyhounds!

Please meet Gabi –

Gabi is a 5 year old female who just retired from racing.  She is a Tucson Greys dog, who has just come to us, and is now in foster.

Please meet Spencer and Simone –

Spencer (on the left) and Simone are GAL dogs who, with the support of GAL, are being transferred to SA Greys. Simon and Spencer are dogs who rebounded to GAL and are looking for a new home.  Spencer is 9 years old and Simone is 6 years old.  They have been roommates since they retired, and so need to stay together and find a forever home together.
We need a foster home for them, so if you have room in your home and in your heart for them, please contact us. 


March 3, 10:00 to 4:00, Reid Park, 22nd and Country Club.  Come early, stay late, there are other events that day and parking will be at a premium.

This is our coming out party as Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption – you will not want to miss this historic event!  Bring your greys, show them off, see the Fair, stop by our booth and say “hi” –

If you want to volunteer and haven’t checked in yet, please contact us. 



Hold the Date!

What:  Equine Voices 8th Annual “A Very Special Horse Event”
When:  March 31, 2012   11:30 AM to 3:30 PM
Where:  Brandi Fenton Park    – River Road at Alvernon

Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption will be there, our second major event in March, celebrating our greyhounds and our new organization!  And more importantly, we will be supporting our friends at Equine Voices.  This is a great event and a very worthy cause – make sure it is on your calendar, and plan on joining us.  We will share more information as we get closer to the date.

Please check out the Equine Voices website for additional information.


From the Sunday, February 19, 2012 newsletter:

Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption

is live today! 

Our GREYT communications team has flipped the switches!  
– SA Greys is live on Facebook!  Join the Facebook group – SA Greys at Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption. Share your grey’s stories.  At SA Greys we love to know what’s happening in your greyhound world. 
– SA Greys is live on Twitter!  Greyhounds roo but SA Greys tweets the news – Follow us at @sagagreys
– SA Greys is live on Flickr!  Who doesn’t love to share photos of their hounds?  Now you have an outlet!  Post ’em all and let’s see who has the funniest, the most handsome, the most laid back greys in town!  

Start spreading the word! 

And watch for another announcement soon – the SA Greys website and blog are on the way! 
Thank you for all you do for the greyhounds!


Welcome to the newly developed Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption blog. This is the location for information about our organization; news, events, available hounds, and adopted hounds, member stories about their greyhounds, tips on greyhound care, and of course all things greyhound! We are looking forward to sharing with you our love for this most magnificent breed. Come back often since we will be posting regularly.