Equine Voices and SA Greys: Rescue and Homes

SA Greys and Equine Voices have a special partnership; one works with greyhounds and one with horses and the common denominator is rescue.

We are familiar with the ups and downs of finding homes for greyhounds but imagine the task of finding a forever home for a horse; think of space, food, vet bills. This seems like a daunting task, but Equine Voices does it.

Just like with greyhounds, you fall in love with horses and things seem to progress from there. You are “hooked” into helping.

View “Meet Tulips” for the falling in love moment.

And, if you have the space and the knowledge about horses, contact HarrisRanch75@gmail.com or Equine Voices at equinevoices.org. Harris Ranch takes in one needy horse at a time and brings it back to “wonderful” and ready to find a forever home.

Tulips is at that “wonderful stage” and has had professional training. She is an “appendix quarter horse.” An “Appendix” American Quarter Horse is a first generation cross between a registered Thoroughbred and an American Quarter Horse.

Okay…so what is a Quarter Horse?

The American Quarter Horse is a breed of horse that excels at sprinting short distances. Its name came from its
ability to outdistance other horse breeds in races of a quarter mile or
less; some individuals have been clocked at speeds up to 55 mph
(88.5 km/h). The American Quarter Horse is the most popular breed in the
United States today, and the American Quarter Horse Association is the largest breed registry in the world, with more than 5 million American Quarter Horses registered. (Wikipedia)

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