Mission of Southen Arizona Greyhound Adoption (Tucson)

Our mission statement reads: Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that provides the opportunity to better the lives of ex-racing and rescued greyhounds by finding them loving and qualified forever homes in the Southern Arizona area.

Today makes all those SA Greys members very happy to say that we are fulfilling our mission. We are happy to announce that Dody, now Katy, has found her forever home.

Congratulations to all who helped Katy reach her home. Dozens of SA Grey members have had hands on involvement with Katy and dozens more were thinking of her well-being. These visions drift through my mind: the kennel manager meeting Katy for the first time, giving her lot of pets and hugs. The President snapping some photos and then getting the word out that a new dog is at the kennel. Volunteers wanting to know the facts: age and color and personality. Turnout volunteers alerted that there is new dog in residence. Plans being made with the vet and for transporters. The adoption crew starts planning for foster homes, a match for adoption and home checks. Finance put on alert that bills for Katy will be submitted. Communications is anxious to put Katy’s name on the available list. It doesn’t stop there…Outreach is planning to show Katy off at meet & greets. Funding putting energy in finding ways to financially support all the effort.

It is mind-boggling to realize all this effort, time and energy taking place; all these people working as well oiled gears. Are you getting the big picture?  The care of one dog involved dozens of SA Grey members and the public supporting the effort with donations to find a perfect home for a greyhound. And, all of this completes the SA Grey’s mission statement.

To support Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption, consider joining with a membership or volunteering to help.